Cambond Bundle of 10 Colorful 2 in 1 Slim Stylus for Universal Capacitive Touch Screen Pen

Item No.: 85
Ballpoint pen and stylus combination,more practical and usful.
Durable and soft rubber tip protects screen against fingerprints, grease, scratches, and other damage.
Retractable ballpoint pen(Black ink).Hand picked or produced by The Cambond
100% compa

Product Description

Color: 10 colors pack

The Cambond Stylus Pen - Using the latest conductive fiber/rubber hybrid technology, this stylus gives you smoother slide and higher sensitivity than ever.Durable conductive fiber/rubber hybrid tip protects your touch screen surface from scratches and allows you to type accurately and comfortably.

Don't limit yourself to the precision of your fingertip:
Fingers are great for painting when you are 4 - but, if you really want to touch, type, innovate and design on your device you need a capacitive stylus.
These Styluses make it easy to turn a page, pick a movie, draw a picture and keeps pesky fingerprints off your glossy screen.
The stylus's durable rubber tip connects your brain to your device - requires no power, no drivers and no setup - just open the package and create - or escape.

Package included:
10 Pcs-2 in 1 Slim Capacitive Stylus Pen(Colors: Black-Gray-Blue-Purple-Pink-Red-Yellow-Green-Silver-White)
1 x The Cambond Gift Stylus Included

Compatible with all versions of the iPad (1, 2, & 3), iPhone (3, 3G, 4, 4S, 4G, 5) as well as any other Android touchscreen tablet or smartphone. Use with the Samsung Galaxy Tab line, ASUS Transformer Prime/Infinity line, ASUS Nexus 7, E-Reader Touchscreen Tablets, and many more.

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